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Given the choice to live anywhere, I would choose Winthrop a million times over. 

Winthrop has given me so much, and I want to continue to make it a place that allows all of its residents - new and lifelong - to share that sentiment.

Passionate, Driven, & Dedicated to Serve

I have a proven ability to navigate within well-defined organizational conditions to develop and implement novel solutions that benefit all. I plan to utilize these skills to work toward a Winthrop that thinks proactively rather than reactively in order to better serve its residents well into the future. 

I believe in fostering an open line of communication between residents and local government. The only way to truly understand the impacts of decisions is to hear the first-hand experiences of those they affect. I strive to be readily accessible to all residents - for concerns, questions, and ideas on all fronts. 

Precinct 3 has incredibly unique challenges that other areas of Winthrop do not experience - namely airport impacts, Deer Island impacts, and summer beach impacts, and the complexities of the town's role in managing Winthrop Shore Drive. These issues have historically needed intense advocacy on the Town Council and beyond, and I am passionate about bringing these issues to the forefront and fighting for what the residents of Precinct 3 deserves - the promise of peaceful and safe enjoyment of their homes. 


Collaboration Fosters Creative Solutions

I firmly believe that taking an approach of developing solutions through collaborative work across town government, departments, and citizens can lead to a plethora of novel and creative ways to benefit our community.  

Many concerns felt by Winthrop residents have been long-standing. By taking a proactive approach to problem solving, I believe we can create lasting change that benefits our community, ensuring the longevity of resident satisfaction. 

We are so fortunate to have so many residents of Winthrop who have shown passion and drive for making change to improve our community. Welcoming new community members and encouraging continued involvement brings fresh perspectives and creative solutions to making our town even better. I plan to uplift and support the efforts of our residents in their pursuits to improve the community. 

Through creative problem solving, we can ensure that Winthrop remains affordable to homeowners while still providing the resources to foster a thriving community. 


My promise is simple -

to tirelessly advocate on behalf of the residents of Precinct 3 and Winthrop as a whole.


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